Sunday, July 8, 2018

Rite Aid - Wilmington, NC (*)

This a guest post courtesy of Mike. 

This a guest post courtesy of Mike. Thank you for the photos.

This a guest post courtesy of Mike. Thank you for the photos.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Rite Aid (CLOSED) - West Main Street, Kalamazoo MI

This Rite Aid Pharmacy closed in 2006, they were located in the Westwood Plaza (remember the "Wild Goose Chase" there?). I'd speculate, that the saturation of other pharmacies and stores with pharmacy/drugstore sections in the immediate area would have hurt the store's sales. The space remained vacant until Lumber Liquidators opened there in the Spring of 2012. 


The walls inside this space used to sport these hella neat Rite Aid "rainbow" stripes. These were however painted over for Lumber Liquidators :( 

The ABOVE photo is from a different Rite Aid, this one remains operational despite that over the years Rite Aid has either closed (depending on the proximity to other stores) or relocated some of their smaller strip mall locations into more modern freestanding stores.

Blockbuster Video (CLOSED) - West Kalamazoo

One of the three now former Blockbuster locations in Kalamazoo County. The eastside Blockuster was the first to be shuttered (on Gull Road, there is not currently a retail-blog post for that one), followed by this location and another at South Westnedge in Kalamazoo (link below)

Except for the two red 'Verizon' blocks, the facade including the glass "clocktower"-thing above the entrance were original to Blockbuster.