Wednesday, February 14, 2018

TARGET (CLOSED) & Fairplain Plaza - Benton Harbor, MI

Fairplain Plaza and TARGET

960 Fairplain Drive

Fairplain Plaza is a strip mall in Benton Harbor, MI. The plaza was anchored by a Target that opened in 1998. The other tenants at the plaza include TJMaxx, Shoe Dept, Sally Beauty, Party City, and a PetSmart at opposite end from Target. Out lots at the Fairplain Plaza include Burger King and a Belle Tire, and very unfortunately also include a cash advance place and GameStop (yikes!).

The Target in the plaza was one of 12 Target locations that the company targeted (lol) for closure due to declining sales in November, 2017. All 12 of those stores closed down in the beginning of February, 2018.

Other (operating) businesses in the nearby vicinity include Kohl's, Michaels, Five Below, Auto Value, AutoZone, O'Reilly Auto Parts, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Dunham's Sports, Dollar Tree, Chicken Coop, Subway, and Wendy's.

As of my visit to the Target on December 26 of 2017, there was little if nothing to suggest that the store would be shutting their doors later.

Won't see that older department signage in the Kalamazoo area Target's will you? 

Food Avenue / Food Avenue Express are nowadays no longer a name the company uses, nowadays they just call them Target Cafe.

Neon liney-things!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Dunkin' Donuts - of the Kalamazoo area - SPECIAL REPORT

The fall and re-emergence (fall and "Rise"! Haha!) of Dunkin Donuts in the Kalamazoo.

Dunkin Donuts
2914 Portage St
Closed in 2001

Here it is!

Looks like it is being used as supply storage for the brightly colored Mexican eatery next door (formerly home to a less brightly colored Chinese restaurant) as I saw a Mexican lady moving supplies next door, I took my photos quickly as I did not want to look too odd or suspicious. I saw not sure if she actually Mexican as she was not wearing a faux mustache and a sombrero.

Signs designating additional parking for the Mexican eatery.


The White Cock

Dunkin Donuts

6425 S Westnedge Ave, Portage MI
Closed in 2000

Below are pics for the above location

In 2011, a franchisee who also ran several Jimmy John's locattions
including one in Portage, had acquired to the rights to open three
Dunkin Donuts bakery/coffeehouses in the Kalamazoo area.

Below are the Kalamazoo area's two current Dunkin Donuts stores.

Dunkin Donuts
3102 S Westnedge Ave, Kalamazoo, MI
(on thecorner of South Westnedge Avenue and Whites Road)
Opened 2012

They seem to do the bulk of their business through their drive-through, I saw a comparably decent drive-thru traffic compared to the 3-5 walking in to order during the past hour. Keep in mind, this was the it was around 5pm, a little past time the peak hours for breakfast sandwiches, pastries and coffee.

Dunkin Donuts
7501 S Westnedge Ave, Portage M
Opened in 2015-2016(?)

Pic below